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We operate with the highest standards of honesty, accountability, transparency, empathy, and respect.



We comfortably engage by listening, scoping, and challenging to deliver the best solutions in achieving overall alignment. 


We bring innovation, creativity, and efficiency to encourage practical growth and learning. 

SweetWork is a place where clients come to get better at work so they can enjoy more life. 


We help our clients develop and deliver training, hire and onboard employees, upskill sales and service teams, and build and coach high-performance corporate teams.  Our services are centered around maximizing our clients’ employee and customer retention so that they too can promote better work and more life. 


We want our service to clients to have a lasting personal impact on their work, family, and life every time they engage us.

We don’t like being put in a box.  We are creative.  We connect dots for our clients.  We want to think outside the box.  We want our clients to explore solutions with us. We want to be a trusted advisor.  We want our clients to love their experience with us.  We want our clients to not only be clients, but to be family.  


Our sole purpose is to help you attain new skills, hone existing ones, and ease work demands so you can focus on your most inspiring and fulfilling purpose.


Better Work. More Life.

Our vision is to understand  our clients’ personal and professional lives are intertwined and complex.  SweetWork connects the dots for your success in work, family, and life.  We help you find your hum at work so you can be your best self at home.





Pleasing or delightful, highly satisfying or gratifying, used to express admiration; excellent, working, moving, or done smoothly or easily.




Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose, result, or means of

earning income.




Hard work leads to satisfaction, it all clicks into place; a huge accomplishment or completed task. Better work. More life. 


The box itself provides structure and guidance to serve as a home base for new growth.  We also have 4 colored dots.  Because blue stands for honesty, trust, and stability, we needed that as an anchor in the box.  Red represents passion and love and we needed that to straddle the box so those inside and outside the box felt our warmth.  Green means health, wealth, and growth.  Our green dot is exploring the world around us and free from constraints of the box.  Our fourth dot represents our client and is a white canvas for us to generate new ideas and initiatives.  Lastly, you will notice a thin navy line around anything outside the box.  You will even notice the red dot is half and half.  We feel that outside the box, we still want a thin membrane of protection for our clients and our people, while inside the box, we want those same people to be free to move freely in blending their thoughts together.  Better Work.  More Life.   

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